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Sleep Apnoea

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Sleep Deep. Snore No More.

Be fooled no more that there is no permanent and predictable cure for sleep apnea.

Have you got tired with the below symptoms and your snoring habit has left you embarrassed? Clinic GP is here to providewith a permanent solution.

  • Snoring 
  • Daytime fatigue    
  • Reduced efficiency  
  • Noisy breathing     
  • Weight gain

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We are here for your care

Obstructive Sleep Apnoea(OSA)

OSA, commonly referred to as ‘Snoring’, is a highly underrated condition more than a social problem. Constant lack of sleep causes lethargy and reduces work output.

It takes a toll on your family life by reducing your sex drive, makes you prone to accidents by causing you to fall asleep while driving, makes you gain weight in spite of adequate exercise, increases your risk of a heart attack by elevating your blood pressure and your blood sugar and reduces your immunity, thereby keeping you sick longer.

If you have been a victim of any or all of these problems and have –

  1. Been told that it’s not a serious issue,
  2. Been given appliances which may not be wholly effective or
  3. Been operated on without results or have developed new problems,

The Clinic GP Sleep Studio is your one stop answer to the myriad of ailments that may be afflicting you.

Treatment of OSA may be the single point solution for a healthier life.


Your care

The Procedure

Innumerable products and procedures have been tested for alleviating snoring and sleep apnoea but with no guarantee or sustained results.

For the first time we bring to you a time tested, radical and revolutionary procedure called Maxillo-Mandibular Rotation Advancement (MMRA) or the ANTE-FACE SURGERY (in short). It is guaranteed to give permanent and remarkable relief from snoring and OSA, like none other. (Details will be explained in a video)

This highly technique sensitive procedure is medically proven to give results by altering the airway apparatus.

Dr. Vikram Shetty performs around 300 ante-face surgery procedures every year to eliminate snoring, and has been successful in generating awareness of this miraculous cure by conducting live surgical demonstrations.

The hundreds of satisfied patients whose professional and personal life has drastically improved is a testimony to the success of our procedure. A younger and better looking you is our promise.

Your care

Ante-face surgery       

Multiple visits         

Swelling- Moderate                   

Pain – Moderate

Are you a bleary eyed, tired even after a full night’s sleep?

If you snore you are one of the millions of adults who snores habitually in your sleep.

A snore is produced when the laminar flow of the air is obstructed by reduced airway space and air starts flowing in a turbulent pattern. It makes the soft tissue on your throat and soft palate to vibrate and the tongue fall back during sleep stops breathing.

The stoppage of breathing forces your brain to wake up at regular intervals disturbing your sleep, causing severe sleep deprivation.

The reduced air intake results in less oxygen available for the brain and heart, directly affecting those organs. It alters the body metabolism into anaerobic cycles of energy production instead of aerobic cycles leading to abnormal fat accumulation, triglyceride build up and organ dysfunction.

Sleep apnea does more than interrupt your sleep. It affects your mind and your entire body.

Facial Recontouring & Surgery for Snoring
Cleft Lip and Palate Corrections
Temporomandibular Joint Surgery
Facial Trauma Corrections

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If you are experiencing more than three from the below, then are recommended to go for a consultation.

  1. Day time sleepiness and lethargy, reduction in productivity
  2. Dark discoloration on your temples, forehead and sides of your ankles
  3. Inability to lose weight in spite of adequate exercise
  4. Early onset hypertension and diabetes
  5. Clouded decision-making ability
  6. Frequent head aches and irritability
  7. Waking up with a dry or sore throat
  8. Poor sex life and relationship problems
  9. Irregular heartbeats at night
  10. Attention deficiency in children coupled with aggression
  11. Falling asleep while driving or performing any task that requires full attention
  12. Noisy breathing through the day, especially while exercising


Various factors may lead to blocking of the airway, thereby causing sleep apnea. Some of them include nasal congestion, lax muscles and tissues found in the mouth and throat area, additional fat reserves around the airway or an underlying neurological problem. The listed conditions may have resulted from thyroid factors, genetic reasons or obesity. A consultation and close examination at ClinicGP will help assess and treat your situation in its entirety.


The benefits of treating sleep apnea is more than what you expect; it adds to your overall wellbeing.

  1. Prevention of strokes and heart attacks
  2. Loss of weight
  3. Less upper airway infections
  4. Less absenteeism from work
  5. Better physical and intellectual performance
  6. Better social integration
  7. Better partner relations
  8. Better life quality


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