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Jaw surgery

Jaw surgery ororthognathic surgery is a intra oral procedure performed to correct and realign your jaw. Jaw surgery has both oral health benefits, and also adds to your facial appearance. This reconstructive procedure can be performed on the upper jaw (maxillary) or the lower jaw (mandibular) or both depending on the requirement. Jaw surgery procedure demands a skillful integration of both functional and cosmetic needs.

When do you need to go for a jaw surgery?

If you have any of the following and/or experiencing oral discomfort as a result of misaligned jaws, you should consult a specialist and opt for a jaw surgery.

  • Severely protruded upper jaw
  • Several protruded lower jaw
  • Misaligned upper and lower teeth resulting in an open bite condition
  • Jaw Joint pain (TMJ)
  • Cleft deformity
  • Facial asymmetry
  • Lowered chin and a receding jaw
  • Sleep apnea & breathing issues

Get the best orthognathic surgeon for jaw surgery in India

Jaw surgery demands high level of experience, knowledge, aesthetic sense and the expertise of using precise surgical techniques. Getting a cosmetic jaw surgery will have an impact for a life time. Hence, what matters most is the surgeon and the team who would be working to correct your misaligned jaw.

Our clinic is led by Dr. Vikram Shetty, one amongst the only 5 Dually qualified Cranio-facial surgeons across India. He is a dually qualified Facio-maxillary Surgeon with years of expertise on performing complex surgeries successfully. The surgeries involve our team of experienced orthodontists and maxillofacial surgeons who have an deep understanding of both medical and cosmetic implications of jaw/orthognathic surgeries. We at Clinic GP are known to bring guaranteed results with a desirable outcome in the shortest time!

How is jaw surgery performed?

The treatment for jaw surgery is carried out in various stages, which includes orthodontics and jaw alignment. A proper treatment plan will be curated by the specialists after a thorough assessment of your condition.

  • Understand the medical history
  • Hear you out on issues and concerns
  • Do a complete architecture analysis
  • Diagnose skeletal discrepancies
  • Devise a suitable treatment plan

Jaw surgery takes into account your facial structure and the jawline keeping the results as close to a desirable facial appearance. We at Clinic GP use the concept of ‘Golden Proportions’ (the ratio of beauty in the universe), the ratios, angles and linear measurements of the face to customize the corrective surgery specific to your body type.

Most expert surgeons in India take 7 hours to do the procedure, whereas at Clinic GP our renowned team of surgeons have performed more than 7000 surgeries through precise surgical techniques, within a shortest surgical time of two to three hours.

Is jaw surgery expensive and how much do jaw surgeries cost in India?

When it comes to cosmetic corrective surgeries, the first thing that comes to one’s mind is the cost involved. Investing your money on cosmetic jaw surgery is critical as the outcome will remain for a lifetime. The cost for jaw surgery depends on factors including the surgeon, procedures required,  severity of your jaw misalignment and the level of cosmetic correction desired by you.The cost of jaw surgery procedures in India is reasonable, when compared to several other countries abroad. India is on par with other countries when it comes to the quality of treatment, and the expense can be a fraction of cost that you may spend getting it done in the U.S.A, UK, Australia or in other countries.

The cost of jaw surgery in India may range between …………………….. to ……………….. subjected to individual’s condition and the level of cosmetic correction desired.

Making the best of your visit.

A practicing and a well-known clinic in Bangalore having catered to international patients, we can help you get in touch with right agencies to plan your visit, stay and accommodation. Keeps your costs optimal, avoid multiple visits, have a comfortable stay and a continued follow-up till recovery.

Clinic GP is an equipped dental studio in India, with best-in-class facilities, in-house lab and an expert team that has worked over 19 years. Our cosmetic reconstructive surgeries stand out for their exceptional results, that make our clients our patrons. Visit India and get your jaw surgery, while you also get to experience a bit of the culture and hospitality of the country. Visit for more details or reach us +91-6362717686

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