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Are you looking for Jaw Surgery or Aesthetic Facial Recontouring? If you are, for any of the following problems, ClinicGP is just for you!

  • Gummy smile
  • Asymmetric face
  • Protruding teeth
  • Long face
  • Narrow face
  • Facial malformations
  • Broad face
  • Cleft deformity

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corrective jaw surgery

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Orthognathic Surgery

Orthognathic surgery or jaw surgery is a surgical correction of misaligned jaws caused due to improper, disproportionate jaw development. The procedure adjusts and aligns the bite and makes the jaw aesthetically perfect in shape. Using the concept of ‘Golden Proportions’ (the ratio of beauty in the universe), the ratios, angles and linear measurements of the face are customized for a person’s specific body type. At Clinic GP, using precise surgical techniques, the structural framework of the face is altered to achieve the planned result. Special care is taken to achieve an angular face with sharper features, thus giving a chiseled jaw line.

Most trained surgeons take up to 7 hours to do this procedure. At more than 7000 surgeries, probably the largest series done by a single team in a span of 19 years, the Clinic GP team has devised a unique technique to achieve exceptional and guaranteed results within a shortest surgical time of two to three hours. 

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The Procedure

This cosmetic surgical procedure repositions the upper and lower jaws of the patient along the teeth-bearing segments to achieve a harmonious relation. At ClinicGP we take utmost care to ensure that your dream face comes with the most optimised functionality (mastication, swallowing and sleep

The complete treatment plan includes orthodontics as well as jaw alignment which are performed in stages after the initial architectural analysis done from a round of x-rays, bite impressions, radiographs, clinical photographs that ascertain skeletal discrepancies. This acts as a base for curating your best treatment plan. Our shorter treatment time, tested procedures and strictly followed protocols ensure to reduce complications, overall swelling and discomfort and makes your treatment easier with a quicker recovery.

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Intra Oral Surgery

2 – 3 Hours

Mild to Moderate Swelling

Minimal to Mild Pain

Facial Recontouring & Surgery for Snoring
Cleft Lip and Palate Corrections
Temporomandibular Joint Surgery
Facial Trauma Corrections

More on Jaw Surgery

Growth of the upper and lower jaws at different rates, thumb sucking, breathing problems or birth defects are some factors that may lead to misaligned jaws. Problems of speech, difficulty in chewing, swallowing, irregularity of the smile and the facial appearance are some of the effects one may experience from a misaligned jaw.

Orthognathic surgery not only gives you a perfect jawline and a beautiful smile but also adds to the overall oral health by improving  jaw functionality. This prevents gum related problems that are otherwise caused by an abnormal bite and this procedure also improves the breathing efficiency.

No, it is not always possible to improve on abnormal bite with teeth alignment alone. Orthognathic surgery is necessary to resolve and correct larger skeletal discrepancies by balancing out the bones of your face and jaw. This is a procedure that has greater versatility in creating an aesthetically improved face.

As orthognathic surgery involves different stages and highly depends on a patient’s individual requirement and condition the period varies from person to person. Following the initial consultation and assessment you will have a fair idea on the treatment duration.

The patient is usually mobilised to ensure that they can get back to an active lifestyle within a week’s time. Depending on your surgery your surgeon will advise the type of diet that you will be required to consume. We advise you to carry out your regular exercises and activities soon after surgery.

Swelling and bruising may be seen in some cases which will rapidly reduce in 2-3 weeks’ time. Surgery in the lower jaw may result in numbness in the lower lip that may stay for few months but would in no way hamper lip movement as such.

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