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Dental Crowns

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Dental crowns with advanced materials, make smiles last a lifetime!

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Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are ‘caps’ customized to encase and fit the shape, colour and size of the original tooth, supporting the original tooth structure. Dental crowns are the most used prosthetics to enhance, protect and strengthen your original teeth. Dental crowns help to cover and protect larger cavities that cannot be restored with a dental filling. There are multiple advantages to dental crowns – these include improving the smile, protecting weak teeth from decay, supporting dental bridges, implant encasement and aesthetically covering discoloured and misshapen teeth.

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The Procedure

Dental crowns are tailor-made, correctly matching the other natural teeth. The surface of the affected tooth is reduced with a bur and smoothened to prepare it as a base for the crown affixed to it. An impression is made of the tooth to get a crown moulded to the exact shape, size and a colour that matches with the rest of your teeth. This is followed by an installation of a temporary crown, which will be in place till the permanent crown is ready.

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Temporary and permanent crowns

The temporary crown is provided to protect your damaged tooth and to ensure you are made comfortable to continue with your regular activities, until the permanent crown is ready. As temporary crowns are interim in nature, they are made from inexpensive or reasonably less expensive material like acrylic or stainless steel.

Once the customized permanent crown is ready, the next phase involves removal of the temporary crown, a thorough cleansing of the teeth and gums, and then fixation of the permanent crown, fusing it onto the damaged tooth with a dental adhesive. As permanent crowns are made to function for a longer period, they are made of ceramic, porcelain, metal and resin material.

Metal crowns

For strength and durability, metal crowns made of different alloys are some of the best materials used in dental practice. However, as they are not cosmetically appealing, they are often suggested for posterior teeth, given their efficiency in strength and function.

Porcelain with Metal crowns

The strength of metal and the natural colour of porcelain are used together to provide you with a dual advantage that satisfies both beauty and lasting functionality. While the inside of the crown is made with metal, the exterior is layered by porcelain to serve the cosmetic appeal.


Resin materials come at a much lower price than porcelain crowns and in a colour closer to the natural whites, but lack strength and durability when compared to metal infused porcelain crowns.

Porcelain & Ceramic crowns

A perfect match with the rest of your teeth, these crowns highly satisfy the cosmetic purpose with their colour tones that blend so well with the natural teeth, making it go completely unnoticed. However, these are not as strong and long lasting as metal crowns. Given their aesthetic appeal, these are often used to restore the anterior teeth. They are also preferred for patients who have metal allergies.


Known for their lower risk to cracking and chipping, Zirconia crowns have found high acceptability in recent times. In strength, cosmetic appeal and durability, these crowns provide better value when compared to porcelain and ceramic crowns.


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Swelling – No

Pain – No

Facial Recontouring and Surgery for Snoring
Cleft Lip and Palate Corrections
Temporomandibular Joint Surgery
Facial Trauma Corrections

More on Dental Crowns

Position of the affected tooth, cosmetic need and the functionality are some of the factors considered to select the type of dental crown. A professional prosthodontist would be the best to guide you to select the apt material.
Depending on the material, wear and tear and oral hygiene practices followed, dental crowns will last somewhere between 5 to 15 years.

Yes, although crowns are artificial in nature and are not susceptible to decay, the tooth beneath the crown has a chance to encounter decay. Hence, a thorough oral hygiene practice and regular dental check-ups are highly recommended to maintain healthy teeth.

No. As the procedure to prepare a tooth for installation of a dental crown is performed under anaesthesia, you will not experience any pain. However, as the effect of anaesthesia begins to wear off, you may experience mild tooth sensitivity which is bound to wean off soon. You may need medication to reduce the inflammation of the vital pulp, if a Root Canal has not been carried out.

A dental crown not just fills the gap and structure restoring the physical appeal of your teeth but also provides strength to the weakened teeth post the root canal treatment

To a large extent you may continue to enjoy all kinds of food even with dental crowns after a prescribed waiting period, till the cement sets. However, hard and chewy foods may well be avoided to prevent your dental crowns from damage.

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