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Do you need a Rhinoplasty or a Nose Job? If you have any of the following problems, ClinicGP is just what you need!

  • Short Nose
  • Flat Nose
  • Long Nose
  • Hooked Nose
  • Crooked Nose
  • Broad Nose
  • Deviated Nose
  • Open Nostrils

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We are here for your care


The most prominent part of your face is also technically the most difficult to correct. But if done perfectly it will change your destiny. At ClinicGP we give you the chance to make that perfect First Impression that you always desired. From precision aesthetic corrections to treating nose anomalies secondary to cleft deformity, the treatment plan varies vastly depending on the complexity of the correction required. While aesthetic rhinoplasty would require a single stage corrective procedure, a series of definitive procedures would precede rhinoplasty for complex anomalies based on age when presented, level of deformity and other associated oral conditions.

Rhinoplasty or reshaping of nose involves nose reduction, nose augmentation through grafts, nose reshaping and reangling by the rearrangement of cartilage. Our team at Clinic GP would recommend the best combination of procedures to get the ultimate desired look.

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The Procedure

The key to the perfect nose is a correct understanding of the patient’s demands and an accurate analysis of the face in totality. The success of ClinicGP in Rhinoplasty lies in the effective use of a combination of high grade implants and rarely, tissue from the patient’s body. Most of the surgeries are without visible scars. The treatment of nose deformity secondary to Cleft anomalies is supposed to be one of the most difficult surgeries and the results of the Clinic GP team on ‘Cleft Noses’ have been peer reviewed by International Panels and found to be excellent.

Intra nasal surgery

30 – 90 Minutes

Swelling- Mild to Moderate

Pain – Minimal to Mild

Facial Recontouring and Surgery for Snoring
Cleft Lip and Palate Corrections
Temporomandibular Joint Surgery

More on Rhinoplasty

Blocked nose, difficulty in breathing, numbness in the tip and around and a stiff nose are some of the temporary conditions that you may experience.

You may experience slight nose bleeding after surgery for the first few days which would reduce with time.

Yes, for complex nose surgeries like major shape changes and where implants are used, you may require a hospital stay of 1 to 2 days; where you would need IV antibiotics and a regular monitored care.

Closed rhinoplasty or intra nasal surgeries leaves no visible scars and reduces swelling but it is not possible to go for this procedure in all cases. Where a scar would be necessary we ensure the scar is at the part of the nose which is not visible during the normal course of activities.

Any aesthetic surgery comes with a certain amount of risk based on different factors. Choosing the right Cosmetic surgeon is of utmost importance. With expert surgeons you are always bound to have desired results minimizing every complication.

Yes. A deviated septum is a common cause for breathing problems and it can be surgically corrected to overcome this impairment.

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