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Facial cosmetic surgery patients do not have any age or other restrictions as long as the patient is medically fit.

Society is filled with weak minded people who have a desire to look good themselves but do not have the courage or ability to take the decision to undergo aesthetic surgery. These people will always put you down.

After surgery, the new you will find it easy to surround yourself with better people of a higher intellect and this will take you to a higher level of possibilities.

At Clinic GP we carry out surgeries under strict protocols, rigid documentation and use advanced assessment tools to identify the best treatment that will suit your body. We do not carry out unnecessary or repeated surgeries that will affect the body. In this way we try to minimise the risks of complications.

At Clinic GP we have a vast experience in carrying our surgeries and therefore we have great experience in preventing complications, and if complications do occur, in effectively managing them. Thus we take the utmost care in seeing to it that you will not be part of those horror stories.

At Clinic GP, we strive to push the boundaries of what is normally achievable by most cosmetic surgery clinics in the world to provide you with procedures best suited to your needs, enabling unmatched and guaranteed results.

However, you should also be able to understand that there are certain limitations to surgery and technology, and your body can be put through only a limited level of change.

Cosmetics usually refers to superficial changes that are usually temporary. They may be limited to face fillers, threads for face lift, Botox, hormones and various other injections. The effects of these are temporary and you will need recurring treatment to maintain the result.

Aesthetic surgery is a very detailed alteration of the face and its structures to give a permanent result and repeat procedures are not required if it is done perfectly the first time. However, both terms are used interchangeably by most people.

This is why it is necessary to get your surgery done at well-established places like Clinic GP where it is done with detailed planning and precision.

Facial aesthetic surgery is usually not covered by health insurance as it is an elective procedure. But with the procedures being very cost effective nowadays it is well within the reach of average income people and insurance may not be needed.

However, surgery for Snoring/ Obstructive Sleep Apnoea is covered by most insurance companies due to its life-threatening complications.

There is a certain level of discomfort which varies with every facial cosmetic surgical procedure and each patient tolerates it to different levels.

However, the pain is well controlled with our time-tested pain management protocol and we ensure a comfortable recovery.

Also, as the surgery is carried out in a short time with precision, the post-operative pain, discomfort and complications are markedly reduced.

The feedback from most Clinic GP patients is that the pain and discomfort was less than what they had expected.

Most facial cosmetic surgeries give rise to swelling in the operated region which varies in each patient. It is usually most severe during the 2nd to 5th days and thereafter reduces gradually.

60-80% of the swelling reduces in 15 days to 1 month depending on how active the patient is. We rarely keep the patients in an ICU after surgery and the patients all are walking and taking care of themselves the day after surgery.

Most patients get back to normal daily activities within 7-10 days, however they may take up to 20-25 days to reach optimal work efficiency. Some patients notice facial asymmetry in the post-operative phase which is due to the uneven reduction of swelling.

In the case of facial recontouring, some patients may complain of temporary lip and chin numbness, temporary ear discomfort, temporary nose block and throat irritation. However at Clinic GP, by minimising surgical time and utilizing minimally invasive techniques we are able to minimize complications and ensure speedy recovery

All facial cosmetic surgeries and surgeries for snoring are carried out with protocols developed over thousands of surgeries guaranteeing predictable results. Secondary corrective procedures are rarely required. We give special importance to a harmony between aesthetics and function. These results are, therefore, long term results.

However, ageing will affect everyone and changes in the body will occur as part of ageing. Though these surgeries will not stop the clock, it will probably make you age more beautifully.

Body contouring, fat reduction, Botox, fillers and skin tightening are inherently temporary in nature. You will have been evaluated before the process and an accurate estimate of the result will be given to you. Most results are long lasting if you maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle.

The recovery time varies based on the procedure as well as the person it is conducted on. At Clinic GP we will give you a clear estimate on the recovery time. You may need assistance for the initial few days after the surgery. Hospital admission will vary from a single day for day-care procedures to 3-4 days for major Facial Recontouring surgeries.

There are risks associated with any surgical procedure, and aesthetic surgeries are no exception. We carry out a detailed pre-surgical evaluation and strictly follow internationally accepted pre-operative, operative and post-operative protocols to minimize risks. Without exception all surgeries are carried out under strictest control. Since these are elective surgeries, if the patients do not fit the medical fitness profile, surgery may be refused or postponed. All peri-operative protocols are audited for safety and care.

The kind of anesthesia used will depend on the situation and the procedure being conducted. At Clinic GP we will inform you of this during your extensive consultation sessions.

Early mobilization is the key to reducing the swelling and its early resolution. Our patients are advised to get back to their normal lifestyle as soon as possible and to start regular exercises (even at their gym) that they are comfortable with. Based on the kind of procedure, you may need to sleep in a propped up position for at least a week after the procedure. This prevents collection of fluids in the area where the procedure has been conducted. You will also be given extensive post-procedural care instructions. Follow each of them to the last letter.

Every implant used in the body initiates a degree of reaction within the body. This may vary depending on the type of material used, part of the body where it is used and technique of surgery. At Clinic GP we use surgical grade implants which have high bio-compatibility and low tissue reaction for all surgeries. Where the patient’s own tissues can be taken without any adverse scar these may be used. All implant details with the costing will be discussed with the patients prior to the surgery in order to achieve a balance between cost and patient needs.

Most Facial Recontouring surgeries are carried out from inside the mouth or within the hair line leaving no visible facial scar and the only lasting tell-tale sign is your aesthetically desired change and a happier you.

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