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Gum Pigmentation

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Gums give definition to your smile…

Beautifying every element of it to make it complete.

Do dark unpleasing patches on gums makes you feel embarrassed to smile? Discolourations may also be a mirror to an underlying deeper problem. Clinic GP is here to not only restore your gums and give you a uniform natural looking smile but also diagnose the deeper pathologies.

  • Dark Patches
  • Hyperpigmented Gums
  • Unappealing Gums
  • Reddish Gums

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We are here for your care


Gums are like a frame that adds to your beautiful smile. Gum pigmentation is most often due to uneven excessive melanin production that results in dark patches on the gums (unless it is due to underlying pathologies which need to be ruled out). With personal appearance taking centre stage, gum depigmentation or gingival depigmentation is usually carried out for purely aesthetic purposes. It could be solely due to a genetic cause (melanin production) or to other causes like smoking tobacco, prolonged intake of certain drugs like minocycline or quinine, and in some cases a possible result of silver amalgam or other heavy metal restorations. Rarely it may be due to pathologies like Addison’s disease, Acromegaly, Nelson’s disease, Peutz -Jeghers syndrome, Kaposi’s sarcoma, Nevi, haemangiomas, etc.

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The Procedure

After obtaining a complete history and carrying out a detailed examination, our specialist would suggest a suitable procedure to attain the best possible result. Depending on the extent and spread of the pigmented patch, it may require one or more sessions to achieve an overall cosmetically appealing result. While a normal gum bleaching would only remove the hyper pigmented cells, advanced procedures aim to remove and also eventually reduce the melanin production.

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Surgical scalpel technique

This procedure surgically removes the surface layer of the hyper-pigmented tissue cells and the underlying connective tissue. As the healing takes place the new tissues grow out to have a natural balanced colour with reduced melanin. A conventional method, this procedure requires periodontal dressing, continued after-care and medication until healing takes place.

Bur Abrasion

Similar to the surgical technique, bur abrasion is a procedure where an acrylic rotary abrasive is used to apply gentle pressure on the targeted area to remove the pigmented cells and the area is left for natural healing to take place. This is a comparatively less aggressive technique.

Laser gum depigmentation

Laser depigmentation procedure acts on the surface layer of your gums that have excessive melanin production, removing gum splotches and thereby also reducing the melanin production in future. As the treatment takes less time, is painless, and as bleeding is controlled, it is one of the preferred treatments.


The excessive melanin producing cells in the gums are destroyed through electrosurgery, wherein repeated application of heat is applied to the targeted area for depigmenting the tissue cells.


1- 2 visits

Discomfort – Mild

Pain – Mild

Facial Recontouring and Surgery for Snoring
Cleft Lip and Palate Corrections
Temporomandibular Joint Surgery
Facial Trauma Corrections

More about gum depigmentation

Laser depigmentation procedure performed once may last a life time. However it also depends on one’s long term oral and systemic conditions and many times a repeat procedure may be required.

The level of pain and discomfort depends on the procedure. However, advanced tools, technology, medication and anaesthetic procedures ensure reduction in pain and post-operative discomfort.

One should have adequately thick and heathy gums that are not pre-treated or compromised (being weak and unhealthy). One should not have any oral disease or periodontal disease. Our periodontist would be the ideal person to examine you and tell you if you can be a candidate for treatment or not.

Genetic factors, prolonged use of medication, tobacco use and smoking are some causes. Some physiological and  systemic conditions may also result in hyper pigmentation. Apart from all of these, people of the Asian ethnicity have been observed to naturally have higher levels of oral melanin.

No, most often gum hyperpigmentation is only a physical condition corrected for cosmetic reasons when the gums are not of the appropriate colour. A health condition or medications may result in hyperpigmentation of the gums.

Yes. It is observed that in some cases, silver amalgam fillings used for cavities or certain metallic crowns close to the gingiva cause patches on the gums. However, this can be corrected by changing the restorations/ crowns.

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